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Major Renovations/ Additions

Building Separation/ Demolition/ Renovations

The area of work was about 23,000 sq ft. The project was in two phases. The first phase included building separation and the second phase was for renovations. 

The first phase consisted of major civil works, under pinning, new foundations, concrete slab cutting, and new load bearing walls in order to keep the separated part of the building operational after the separation.   

The second phase included Interior fit-out for existing office spaces. Includes some alterations. Space alteration includes about 14000 sq ft of Gym and Yoga for a fitness facility.

Also, Office spaces, washrooms, corridor renovations, electrical and mechanical room upgrades, Fire rating of new and old building components. With following major trades: Flooring, painting, millwork, glazing, structural steel, drywall, acoustic ceiling and roofing. Also, a complete coordination of plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, Fire Alarms and Sprinklers.

Major Interior Renovation/ Common Areas 

This is a rental residential property in downtown Toronto and the renovation was carried out while building was occupied by tenants.

About 25,000 Sq Ft  of renovations from the Ground Floor to 10th floor of the public corridors, elevator lobbies and amenities.

Work included demolition, metal studs/drywall, suspended T-bar and acoustic ceiling tiles, doors/frames/hardware, glazing (glass fronts), window film, wall graphics, tile and hard surfaces, lobbies and amenities wall & floor tiles, terrace floor tile, carpet tile, painting, speciality wall finishes, elevator cab interiors, millwork, mirrors, signage, electrical (power and lighting), mechanical (HVAC, plumbing, sprinklers, BAS), fire protections, security, cleaning.

This kind of project needs an organised approach from start to end with specific technical solutions. For example, one of the biggest challenges on the project was change management. The complete integrated change management was achieved by utilising software like Quick Base and Microsoft Project.

Communication is the key while managing simultaneous projects utilising multiple crews. Our team at Direct construction constantly improvise and adapt to latest technologies and apps to more effectively manage and communicate the projects using multiple trades.

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